Ollie Charles – Front Row Reviews

I walked into Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes quite unaware about what I was going to watch; all I knew was that it starred one of the most intriguing casts I had seen this year. From Kaya “Skins” Scodelario to Frances “Bedazzled” O’Connor, and stopping along the way with Jessica “Blade: Trinity” Biel. Well,… Read more »

Keith Rocmeal – The Spinning Image

The feeling of being childless, whether that means to lose a child by death or not being able to have a child rings heavy in the film Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes. Films cannot often balance the heavy weight of dark psychology with slight touches of humor and suspense yet Emanuel and the Truth… Read more »

Katie-Jane Hall – The London Film Review

Rating 4/5 Francesca Gregorini’s debut solo feature is an accomplished coming of age movie, exploring the effects of grief and how salvation can sometimes be found in the most unusual of situations. Dancing with both despair and hope, Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes takes on difficult subject matters with a determined yet delicate touch,… Read more »

Better than Disneyland

Gregorini’s second film, after Tanner Hall, is a fairy-tale with a deep soul. It isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to deal with those who are and feel marginalised – those whose secrets and experiences create a behavioural tension with society’s norms but, with a light touch, Gregorini links them with important questions… Read more »

Kat – CineTalk UK

Through the eyes of acerbic teenager Emmanuel (Kaya Scodelario) we are taken on a sincere and surreal exploration of motherhood and female bonding. This is Francesa Gregorini’s second feature film, executively produced by Rooney Mara, who was supposed to take the lead role but is replaced by the able Scodelario, and it’s a beautifully shot,… Read more »

Vicky Hinault – Movie Emporium UK

Francesca Gregorini’s Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes takes a dive into a fragile world of Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), a young girl who’s mother died giving birth to her. With the arrival of a new neighbour, young mother Linda (Jessica Biel), the pair grow close and when Emanuel discovers a disturbing secret she becomes entwined… Read more »

John Sharp – The Hollywood News

EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES is a text that needs to be dwelled upon. Interpretation will not necessarily come quickly, but that is a very good thing. Good cinema entertains, great cinema stays with you, and Gregorini’s latest feature will do that, for better or worse. With its lyrical dialogue and potent symbolism, the… Read more »

Amy Priest – Way too Indie

Sitting in the 9am screening of Francesca Gregorini’s Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes, I was surrounded by sleepy film fans and people uncertain of what to expect from what they were about to see. Myself, I had taken an interest in Gregorini’s film as soon as I saw the synopsis hit the Sundance web… Read more »

Bina 007

Up until now, Francesca Gregorini was probably famous, if at all, for making the movie, TANNER HALL, in which Rooney Mara took her new first name from the character she was playing. But that’s about to change. Her new film, EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES, is absolutely wonderful – a slippery, deeply affecting psychological… Read more »