‘The Truth About Emanuel’ Francesca Gregorini’s second film is visually alluring and highly intriguing

The growing pains of teenager Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario, best known for TV’s Skins) are ably handled in Francesca Gregorini’s gentle and melancholy drama about grief, mortality and motherhood. Emanuel is obsessed with her mother’s untimely passing at childbirth and when new neighbour Linda (Jessica Biel), who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, moves in, Emanuel… Read more »

Mariana Lenox – Pegasus News

Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), a troubled girl, becomes preoccupied with her mysterious, new neighbor Linda (Jessica Biel), who bears a striking resemblance to her deceased mother. In offering to babysit Linda’s newborn, Emanuel unwittingly enters a fragile, fictional world of which she becomes the gatekeeper. Ultimately, Emanuel is forced to face her own feelings about her… Read more »

Lance Carter – Daily Actor

The Truth About Emanuel, writer/director’s Francesca Gregorini sophomore effort, is a puzzling sort of film. Not in a bad way but also not in the best of ways either. Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario from the U.K.’s Skins) is seventeen years old and thinks she’s not supposed to be here, as in alive. She’s walking around with… Read more »

Horror Movie Reviews

The film The Truth about Emanuel glooms radiance on the depressing part of surviving. Kaya Scodelario being Emanuel is the leads cast in the movie. She is a girl who is turning 17 and cannot get away from the ache of losing her beloved mother at the time of giving birth to her. Feeling at… Read more »

Liza Darwin – Nylon Magazine

Even though The Truth About Emanuel premiered way back in January at Sundance, it seems like critics have been talking about the dark drama all.year.long. But for everyone who didn’t get to catch it in person, we’re in luck–the film’s now available to watch on VOD before it hits theaters next month. So obviously we… Read more »

Debbie Lynn Elias – Culver City Observer

Being a fan of director Francesca Gregorini’s freshman directorial effort with co-director Tatiana von Furstenberg, “Tanner Hall”, I was more than anxious to see what she could and would do on her own with THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL. I am far from disappointed as not only does Gregorini, who also wrote the script, have a… Read more »

Matt Mungle – The Mungle on Movies

Some films just nail the creepy factor without being creepy at all. Others know they are creepy and flaunt it. In the dramatic thriller, THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL the subtle way it goes about being creepy is very stylish. You almost want to pretend for the sake of the characters that it isn’t creepy at… Read more »

Kenji Lloyd – Hey U Guys

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes is one of the most unique films you’ll see this year. It’s a dramatic psychological thriller with a powerful secret, captivating from the moment it begins; films of such a high calibre and with such an engaging premise have really been few and far between in recent memory. Kaya… Read more »

Chris Bumbray – JoBlo.Com

PLOT: Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario) is an acerbic teen on the verge of turning eighteen. Having never known the mother that died giving birth to her, Emanuel lives with her devoted father (Alfred Molina) and his new wife (Frances O’Connor). When a beautiful young mother, Linda (Jessica Biel) moves in next door- she quickly becomes a… Read more »

Emma Simmonds – The Art Desk

Fearlessly smart, honest and philosophical, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes is the striking, the sometimes breathtakingly beautiful second film from Italian-American writer-director Francesca Gregorini. It marries moments of sweeping surrealism with an earnest, credible exploration of female relationships. Kaya Scodelario is Emanuel. A surly, strange-fish of a 17-year-old, she guiltily describes herself as her… Read more »