New York Times: Love Is Hunger – Watch Your Appetite – Francesca Gregorini and ‘The Truth About Emanuel’

The creepy thriller “The Truth About Emanuel” deals with “loss and heartbreak and madness and mortality,” the writer and director Francesca Gregorini said recently. “Every artist is haunted by specific themes, and those, for better or for worse, seem to be mine.” Ms. Gregorini, 45, was born in Rome and is the daughter of Barbara… Read more »

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Truth About Emmanuel’ Director on Big Plot Twists and Jessica Biel’s Brave Spirit

Francesca Gregorini believes an audiences’ emotion suspension of disbelief with her new female-centric drama. Everything’s a little off in the opening scenes of The Truth About Emanuel. Teenage Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario) is in a state of grief, but capable of surviving her daily life. Her new next-door neighbor, Linda (Jessica Biel), is secretive, but warm… Read more »

Hiya, Kaya! 15 minutes with the winning Ms. Scodelario

Bad news: You have until today to see Kaya Scodelario’s American big screen debut, The Truth About Emanuel, at the Gaslamp. The good news is you can watch it tonight on VOD. The camera loves Kaya Scodelario, and in return she’s favored audiences with some of the most commanding small screen closeups of recent vintage. I’m… Read more »

Jessica Biel: Full of Surprises

Jessica Biel’s career has taken some wild turns. Originally a child star on the longest-running family drama in history, 7th Heaven, she had pivotal roles early on in critical darling s like Ulee’s Gold and The Rules of Attraction. She also drew the enraptured attention of the Hollywood sex-symbol-finding machine, and has been a fixture of tabloids and “sexiest”… Read more »

LA Confidential: Power Pair on ‘The Truth About Emanuel’

There is something incredibly sisterlike about The Truth About Emanuel director Francesca Gregorini and actress Kaya Scodelario. Sure, superficially they could easily be mistaken for siblings, with their long, curly, dark hair and eyes that appear to house equally complex and compelling recollections, but that feeling of connectivity goes beyond mere physicality. There is an… Read more »

Collider: Jessica Biel Talks The Truth About Emanuel, Working with Kaya Scodelario, David O. Russell’s Unfinished Film Nailed, and More

From writer/director Francesca Gregorini, the indie drama The Truth About Emanuel tells the story of the troubled Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), who becomes preoccupied with her mysterious new neighbor, Linda (Jessica Biel). In offering to babysit her newborn, Emanuel unwittingly enters a world that blurs the line of fantasy and reality, and shows just how dangerous… Read more »

Tribeca Film: Kaya Scodelario Talks ‘The Truth About Emanuel’ and Playing Strong Female Leads

In The Truth About Emanuel, rising star Kaya Scodelario plays Emanuel, a troubled young woman who becomes engrossed in the lives of her mysterious neighbor (Jessica Biel) and her child. Reminded of her own mother who passed away in childbirth, Emanuel is drawn to the pair and unwittingly creates with them a fragile and strange… Read more »

The Daily Beast: Jessica Biel on ‘The Truth About Emanuel,’ Motherhood, Justin Timberlake, and More

Jessica Biel opens up about her bizarre role as an unstable mom in The Truth About Emanuel, life as Mrs. Timberlake, and her heartbreak over a sidelined David O. Russell film. Jessica Biel has played some far-out characters in her day, from a teen nympho in The Rules of Attraction to a turn-of-the-century duchess caught between a prince… Read more »

Crave Online Exclusive Interview: Kaya Scodelario on The Truth About Emanuel

Man this year has flown by. I feel like I was just at Sundance watching Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes. We ran my interviews with director Francesca Gregorini and star Alfred Molina at the beginning of the year. Now the film is on VOD under the new name The Truth About Emanuel, and coming… Read more »

The Advocate: Inside Francesca Gregorini’s Magical Thinking

It almost didn’t happen. Mara and Gregorini remained very close friends after filming Tanner Hall, and Emanuel was written for Mara, who is credited as a coproducer. But financing took three years to assemble, and Mara, at 27 when production began, wasn’t really believable as a teenager anymore. “That was heartbreaking to me, but it… Read more »